About Us

We are all about creating local completely self contained food producing eco system. We will collect rain water and filter it, grow fish in it, use fish waste as nutrients for plants. Our chickens will eat food waste and will produce eggs. Our bees will pollinate plants and will produce honey. And all that will be powered by solar panels, making this a completely sustainable food producing eco system.

Our Mission

We will create accessible and affordable, environmentally healthy eco system to feed Boston with locally all year round grown quality food.

Our Plan

It's simple. Grow local organic food so that community can enjoy the benefits of affordable access to quality produce.

Our Vision

Personal Healthy Organic Farming means more than growing food without pesticides (conventional agriculture widely uses 8 cancer causing pesticides). Organic proctices produce more flavorful and nutritional food, which contributes to a well-rounded healthy life.

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Croydon St., Mattapan, MA 02126

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